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All our services are available in bon gift :

By visiting directly at the ESKAY Show from Annecy or Lyon.

The person who receives the gift voucher just has to book their appointment online and present their gift voucher at the checkout.

If you cannot make it there, send us your request by e-mail to indicating:  

- The first name of the person offering

- The services or the amount desired

- If you want to add a drink   + a pastry for €8.25

- The first name of the person receiving

- The contact details and the address where to send the gift voucher (please count 2€ shipping costs)


Once your request is received, we will send you our RIB. 

Upon receipt  of payment, we send your gift voucher :) 

For information :

The gift voucher is valid for 6 months (date of purchase written on the gift voucher).


Gift voucher

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