Live the experience of an exclusive moment of relaxation. In an intimate and warm universe, experience a moment of well-being suspended in time, just for you. The know-how for rituals that are as effective as they are relaxing. Our specialist will find the acupuncture points where it is possible to access the circulating energy of the body, to live a unique moment for you, here and now .

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Prices :

30 min: 40 €

1h00: 90 €

1h30: 120 €

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Same price for all massages, it only differs depending on the weather


Through continuous, slow and enveloping fluid movements, which intensify, this massage relieves the deepest tensions. And it is the return to complete harmony of body and mind. A global approach which aims as much relaxation as the awakening of a psycho-body consciousness for a deep physical and psychic relaxation.


The virtues of Balinese massage are the relaxation of body and mind. The different energy points of the body are massaged and stimulated. It also has therapeutic virtues. It revitalizes the body, relaxes the muscles, relieves lower back pain and promotes blood circulation. It also acts on the digestive system and the hormonal system.


Balance the body / mind relationship against pain, annoyance and anxiety: a unique touch, enveloping and reassuring, a harmony of gestures made of grace and fluidity specific to Hawaiian culture. With the use of the hands, but also of the forearms and fists, this massage does not lack tone in order to relieve the pain of the body .


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By focusing on areas of stress accumulation, this massage improves the circulation of body fluids, digestion, nervous system function, joints and muscle tone. Emotionally, it brings serenity and fullness, by acting on mood, confidence and self-esteem. A real energy rebalancing.


By pressing the thumbs, it gently stimulates the body's energy meridians for physical and mental fitness. This restores the free flow of energy according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It stimulates the body's natural defenses and thus maintains energy balance.


It allows better circulation of lymph in the body, to strengthen its immune system and detoxify it. In the presence of lymphedema (increase in volume of a more or less important part of the body following an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the subcutaneous tissues) this massage drains toxins and cellular debris.


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Thanks to specific places on the feet, we will act on areas of the body. This locates tensions and other dysfunctions of the body and revitalizes them, releases stress and nervous tension, improves blood circulation, brings relaxation and deep relaxation, mental relaxation and evacuates negative emotions.


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Dynamic massage aimed at dissolving tension and firming muscles and joints. Best friend of sportswomen, athletes, it is recommended in case of acute or chronic lumbar or back pain. Blood circulation increases thus promoting greater muscle elasticity.


Slow but deep gestures, targeted on the muscles and connective tissues to release tension, thanks to the contact of a firm hand on the muscles until they regain all their flexibility. N otamment recommended to alleviate chronic pain or to re-educate muscle. U required pressure to relax the nodes and muscle layers.


Kneading, percussion and palpate rolling are effective gestures to fight against cellulite. By performing this anti-cellulite massage on your thighs, buttocks and stomach, you will quickly obtain results: a loss in cm and a reduction in the "orange peel" effect.