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extensions cils salon annecy
extension de cils salon annecy
extension de cils salon annecy



No need for mascara, a dream possible today! Longer, fuller, darker lashes with the perfect curve in all circumstances thanks to 100% silk eyelash extensions. 3 techniques are possible: the eyelash pose, the mixed pose and the Russian volume pose.

The principle is to apply, on each of your natural eyelashes, one or more silk eyelashes (the best quality has been chosen for you). Our beautician chooses according to the shape of your eyes and the desired result, the number of eyelashes applied, the different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures of eyelashes. Whether the desired effect is natural, sophisticated or glamorous, the end result will remain elegant and without a "fake" or vulgar effect.

True work of craftsmanship and design, our specialist eyelash artist will know how to embellish your eyes.

Resistant to water, in the shower, in the swimming pool or in the sauna, you live with your eyelash extensions in complete freedom. 


It is necessary to schedule an eyelash filling every 3 weeks.

Duration of the first session: 1h30 to 2h00.

Duration of the filling session: 1h20 to 1h30.



Lying on a beauty table, eyes closed, you live the session in total relaxation. The pose is totally painless. The session lasts from 1h30 to 2h00, depending on the desired effect.


Avoid getting your extensions wet for the first 24 hours after application.
Avoid oil-based products when removing your eye makeup.
Avoid mascara, especially waterproof.
Once a week, in the shower and with baby shampoo, lightly massage your eyelids.




"Natural " eyelash-to-eyelash application - 80 €

• Filling 3 weeks - 50 €

"Mixed " eyelash-to-eyelash application - € 95

• Filling 3 weeks - 60 €

"Russian volume " eyelash application - € 115

• Filling 3 weeks - 75 €

Complete Removal - € 20

Eyelash lift + tint: 60 €

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