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The services below are only available at

Salon ESKAY in Annecy.  

To book one of these services, please send an SMS with the desired service and your availability, our dermographer will answer you:

07 80 96 43 62 


To see the services available at the Salon ESKAY in Lyon, click here

Find here all the "I Woke up like this" techniques! As soon as you wake up, you will naturally be made up, the secrets of women ... These techniques are durable depending on the thickness of your skin, held for 6 months, 1 year or more ...

Avant après maquillage permanent




Using a pen fitted with fine needles, our specialist deposits a colored pigment on the upper layer of the epidermis.

It thus redraws your eyebrows by creating a homogeneous line, and adapted to the morphology of your face.

Dermopigmentation + retouching - 300€

Microblading + touch-up - 250€

Hybrid + touch-up - 330€

Avant après maquillage permanent
levre maquillage permanent institut annecy




Technique that consists of injecting pigments into the superficial layers of the skin using a very fine needle. It emphasizes and corrects the contour by correcting asymmetries. It is possible to color the lips according to different degrees of intensity. This gives the impression of a naturally drawn lip, the chore of lipstick is over. We come  blend slightly inwards on the lips to color them subtly.

Full mouth: 385€ (3h00)

Shaded lip contour: 335€ (2h30)

Radiance boost (revatalips): 230€ (2h00)

Any additional touch-ups, after the included touch-up will be charged 75€

eyeliner maquillage semi permanent institut annecy


The lashline is the linking of the eyelashes by an extremely fine line that highlights the eyes. It redefines the eye and dresses up the look. The rendering is very natural while providing density. With this incredibly fine line, the eyelashes appear fuller! Thicker than the eyelash line, the eyeliner is the doe eye if desired! It makes it possible to enlarge and lengthen the gaze which is transformed!

Eyelash flush (upper): 150€ (1h00)

Eyelash line + cat's eye effect tip: 220€ (1h30)

Eyelash line + cat's eye effect tip + shaded effect "smoky eyes": 250€ (2h00)

Any additional alterations, after the included alteration will be charged 50€

eyeliner maquillage semi permanent institut annecy




- Precedes BB GLOW - 30mn 


Microneedle Care + Hyaluronic Acid Serum. 


Reduce traces of acne, erase signs of aging, improve skin quality. Small perforations then lead to a healing process and therefore cell renewal, promoting the production of elastin and collagen.


1 session: 80€

3 sessions: 210€

With additional BB Glow (recommended): 

1 session: 105€ 

3 sessions: 255€

Soin de peau microneedling avec BB glow institut annecy


- Complete microneedling - 50 mins

Microneedling + care with other nano-needles + other mineral serum 


Allows to finish microneedling in style by moisturizing our skin, masking skin imperfections, unifying your complexion, instantly restoring radiance for radiant and radiant skin.


Micronedling + BB Glow

1 session: 105€ 

3 sessions: 255€


Any additional sessions after the package of 3 sessions will be charged 85€

Soin de peau microneedling avec BB glow institut annecy
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Permanent makeup partner

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