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epilation fil institut annecy
epilation fil institut annecy
epilation fil institut annecy

This hair removal method of Indian origin is the most precise and effective, in our opinion. By adapting to all skin types, this method is very planet friendly, but also our skin, thanks to a sanitized cotton thread. The principle consists in trapping the hairs between two twisted threads by making a movement of the hand. This gesture must accentuate the tension of the threads to pull it out from the root. Thus, the hair does not break, the entire hair bulb is extracted. You can draw a perfect and very natural eyebrow line. 


  • Soft post-depilation skin

  • No post epilation button 

  • Hair removal is neat and precise

  • No more pain than waxing 


Face (eyebrows, lips, cheeks) - 35€

Lips + eyebrows - 25€

Eyebrows - 15€ 

Lips - 15€

Cheeks - 15€



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