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This product is not in  out of stock, but  the orders are  do directly  on the NU SKIN page of our site (Menu> Beauty> NU SKIN). A link will take you directly to the NU SKIN site.  Also find there  all  information  useful and essential.

NU SKIN Activating Face Cleanser

  • A good skin care routine starts with a  cleaning  sweet and in  depth,  and we have just what you need to improve yours:

    5 activating cleansers  NU SKIN exist according to your skin type:


    • ​ Normal to mixed
    • Fat

    • Sensitive 

    • Dried 

    • Acne  ​


    AgeLOC LumiSpa Activating Face Cleanser is an essential part of the ageLOC LumiSpa System and the perfect complement to your device.

    It provides the perfect contact and grip  to move your LumiSpa device smoothly and efficiently over your face, leaving your  soft, smooth and visibly rejuvenated skin.


  • This facial cleanser contains ingredients specially chosen to offer you  a  experience  gentle cleaning  and reduce feelings of tightness while protecting hydration  natural skin.  It also contains our famous ageLOC ingredients that target visible signs  of skin aging at the source.


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