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Inspired by ancestral Japanese tattooing, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique specially designed for the eyebrows. Using a manual pen fitted with fine needles, our eyebrow specialist deposits a colored pigment on the upper layer of the epidermis. She redraws your eyebrows in this way, by tracing them hair by hair:

- By filling in any holes and demarcations

(natural or due to too frequent waxing)

- By creating a homogeneous line, and adapted to the morphology of your face

(the drawing is made to measure, taking the dimensions of your face)

All this with a super natural effect: it will be very difficult to notice a difference with an eyebrow without microblading.


This delicate manipulation is carried out by an expert, with sterile equipment. The pigments used are entirely organic (of natural origin) and certified by European regulations. The components used for microblading are also different from those purchased by tattoo artists: they are more delicate, and have a reduced lifespan in the epidermis.


A session lasts between 45 minutes and 2 hours. Unlike a permanent makeup or a real tattoo, a microblading must be maintained with a touch-up, every 6 months, 1 year or 2 years depending on your skin. If it is not renewed, it naturally fades.


After the procedure is completed, it is recommended to apply an aftercare cream or petroleum jelly 3-4 times a day with a cotton swab for five days.

The water should not come into contact with the eyebrows for 5 days (washing the face with cotton wool). 

It is also advisable not to exercise or go to the spa for a week to avoid sweating.

Also, avoid exposing your eyebrows to the sun for a month. 

There is no social eviction, but it is advisable to do it during a moment of "break" because for 5 days the eyebrows are very dark before the first washing of the face. 

It is normal for scabs to form in the days that follow, but they will disappear very quickly.


Is microblading painful?

Microblading is not a tattoo: the ink is delicately deposited on the first layer of the epidermis, and does not penetrate deep into the skin. Nevertheless, needles can create inconvenience. To avoid pain, your artist can apply an anesthetic cream to the area to be pigmented when you arrive.

Is semi-permanent makeup dangerous?

Microblading does not use a machine that is dangerous for the epidermis, nor a chemical product. The pigments are designed to reduce the risk of allergy. They are also controlled (and certified) by European regulations. The material used is always sterilized, and the needles are for single use. A moment of relaxation, in a place subject to strict hygiene rules.

3 semi-permanent eyebrow makeup techniques with different machines, by our specialist:  

  • Dermapigmentation:for a "powdery" effect, shading effects and three-dimensionality very popular if you want to have raised eyebrows


  • Microblading: a line of hair of great finesse and an absolutely stunning naturalness


  • The hybrid: dermopigmentation and microblading can be reconciled in the form of a hybrid technique. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of both techniques. 




Dermopigmentation + retouching after 1 month - 240 €

Microblading + retouching after 1 month - 220 €

Hybrid + touch-up after 1 month - 260 €


Maintenance 3/6 months - 70 €

Maintenance 6/12 months - 120 €

Maintenance 12/18 months - 150 €


Maintenance 12/18 months - 120 €

Maintenance 18/24 months - 160 €

Correction of eyebrows already tattooed - on estimate only by our dermographer

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